The firm D.H. Moore/Architect was established in 1993 in Victoria, BC by Dennis H. Moore, Architect AIBC. Our work focuses on residential design of both new homes and renovations in Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and coastal regions of British Columbia.

The design intention of the firm is two-fold. The first is to appreciate and understand our client’s hopes and needs and to document and understand the many issues and opportunities of each site. The second intention is to create an architectural design that marries the needs and aspirations with the site, so that goals are met and the site is respected. This can only be accomplished through careful listening, sensitive understanding, and full engagement with the owners, in addition to having extensive architectural design and construction experience.

The firm is intentionally not focused on one particular style of architecture. Rather, we believe that the style of a home develops from the Owner’s personal taste and past experiences, of future expectations and needs, all combined with the social and environmental context that is unique to each project. As a result, the final form and aesthetic of the home is in constant evolution through the design process. It is a collaborative design experience, between the Owners with the Architect, which creates the end result.

Common aspects of all projects, regardless of architectural style, include an emphasis on connections between the inside to outside; clear and understandable relationships of interior functions; creating organized and natural paths of travel; a focus on sources and qualities of light; and the utmost attention to material use and architectural detail. At every opportunity our designs focus on the use of construction materials from our region. We also work with skilled local trades, craftspeople, and suppliers. This results in design and implementation that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

D.H. Moore/Architect is a registered member firm of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. We are committed to the ethical and responsible practice of architecture.



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