This residence is about an hour north of Victoria, in the rural community of Cobble Hill BC. The home and outbuildings are on a large estate acreage, with a hilltop that offers distant views of the Gulf Islands, the Cowichan Valley, plus close-up and distant views of the forested rolling hills that surround the property.

The residence is sited on an extremely narrow landform, a place that affords a variety of opportunities but with challenging design issues. The overall site planning and residence design provided access to sunlight for the gardens and terraces, viewing opportunities in every direction, good vehicle approaches and parking areas, and easy connections from inside to outside the home.

The gardens include a south-facing formal garden, a native plant garden in the natural landforms, and a deer proof rooftop garden for ornamental flowers. Paths of travel and site lines from inside to outside are carefully established to maximize a connection to the natural landscape. Inside the residence, an extensive art and furniture collection is presented in an organized and formal manner, in both open great rooms and smaller personal spaces. Strong traditional interior details flow throughout the home, finished in a comfortable and personal manner.

The Cobble Hill residence home is traditional and classical in form and detail that fits comfortably within the local environment, blending historical precedents with local design notions. Skilled local craftspeople worked to an extremely high standard, both on the residence and the landscaping, creating a very distinguished residence in the region.