“When we decided to build a new home, we had never worked with an Architect and feel very fortunate that we chose Dennis. Dennis embraced us as experts on what we wanted to achieve and created a unique home that continues to delight us. Receiving a design award from our local government was a tribute to Dennis’ creativity and commitment to excellence. ”

Clients of Oak Bay Residence

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…. We bought land in Victoria to build on, and our host referred us to a lawyer, who recommended an Architect, Dennis Moore. Who turned out to be exactly who we needed. He guided us through figuring out what we needed and what suited us, helped us chose a builder, supported us during construction, making it into a home, a lovely home that fit us perfectly. He was particularly good with lighting and fine details. I highly recommend him. And since he designed our home, he has been a good friend."

Client of Gonzales Bay Residence

"Dennis designed our home on 17 acres of woodland with the building site on the peak of a hill. It was a very challenging location, with our desire to maximize the views and retain some level ground for a garden. We were impressed by the many hours which he spent getting a feel for the site before pen went to paper, and the trouble which he took to ensure that our furniture would fit comfortably. The result is a wonderful combination of traditional materials and light filled rooms. We are delighted, and feel like we have lived there forever."

Clients of Cobble Hill Residence

"We are so pleased to have worked with Dennis on our new home in 10 Mile Point.  Dennis spent a lot of time with us in the early days to learn about our life style, understand our needs and visions for the future. We started with a unique waterfront property and ended up with a home that exceeded our expectations and we now feel like we have lived here forever. We found the whole process to be collaborative and we were most impressed with Dennis' ability to help us navigate some of the more difficult decisions. His years of experience and attention to detail helped create a stunning piece of architecture. Finally, we were most grateful for Dennis' continued assistance with interior design and landscaping decisions long after we moved into the home. What started as a professional relationship has evolved into a good friendship."

Clients of Ten Mile Point Residence

Dennis is a gifted architect.  He is so easy to work with!  I’m very interested in design, myself, so I wanted an architect I could collaborate with.  I could not have been happier with the process.  I love the way Dennis is able to blend classic, gracious design with modern imagination and creativity.   We wanted a modern beach house; not too big.  Dennis took full advantage of the light with large windows and turned the house slightly to open up the views.  He saw small details that made a big difference to the project.  Dennis gave us a house that merged the experience of living outside with the comfort of generous, yet cozy inside spaces.  The experience of building our house under his and our builder’s direction was simply a delight.  We highly, and without reservation, would recommend Dennis to anyone.  If you can get him, it’s your lucky day!

Clients of Foul Bay Residence

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