Gonzales Bay residence

This residence is inspired by the historical homes of its neighbourhood, an older area along the shoreline of Victoria, BC. Located on a crescent shaped sandy beach, the home takes in the social life on the beach and the constantly changing ocean views, plus it provides a sense of privacy, calm, and elegance for the homeowners.

Although traditional in form and aesthetic, it has a modern design approach. The design places an emphasis on axis of travel, lines of sight, and connections between inside and outside spaces. Outdoor “rooms” are as important as the interior spaces, and are very much part of the overall design. Inside, highly decorated and defined formal rooms flow to more open and casual interior spaces—a blend of traditional with modern design ideas.

On the ocean side, the native plants take advantage of south light and the salty ocean spray. A formal garden space is on the north side, with a walkway through it that leads to the front door. On the west side a pea gravel inner courtyard, bordered by a rose trellis, takes in the evening sun. Materials and details used inside the home, such as mahogany handrails, hand painted cabinets, multi paned wood windows, reflect a classic aesthetic with an easy living feel.

The Gonzales Bay Residence, with its balance of indoor and outdoor rooms, formal and casual spaces, close in garden spaces and expansive views beyond, imparts traditional qualities for a modern lifestyle that is full of variety and opportunity.