Oak Bay Residence

This residence is located on the southern shoreline of Oak Bay, a community in Victoria, BC. On a very exposed and sometimes windy site, this low-bank waterfront home looks out to the Juan de Fuca Straight and the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula.

The design focuses on making the most of the close and distant views, of taking advantage of different directions and angles of light, and providing protection from strong westerly winds—particularly for the garden.

There are clearly organized connections from the house to outdoor sitting areas, to the shoreline and to the garden, and to the neighbourhood. The creation of a lush garden area, protected from the prevailing winds, strongly influenced to architectural form. It is nestled between the home and garage, with direct access from both for garden maintenance and sitting pleasure.

The architectural form of the home, particularly the swooping roof, reflects the exposed nature of the site and the wind swept waves of the ocean. Inside, the placement of the rooms and windows accentuates access to sunlight and distant views. The rooms on the west, or ocean side, of the home have the feeling of being on the beach, while the rooms on the east relate to the calmness of the garden.

The form and finish of the Oak Bay Residence is strongly West Coast contemporary. Hand-built by highly skilled local tradespeople, this home uses the highest quality natural materials in clean and modern ways, providing both simple and rich textures and variety.

This home received the Alan Cassidy Building Achievement Recognition Award.